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Domain registration process
Follow these steps to register the domain you need

1、Open the domain registration page of VIP.law

2、Enter the domain in the searching box, click and search

3、For the query results that are unregistered domains, click to add to cart

4、Go to the cart, and select the age of the domain to purchase and the type of holder

5、Add domain holder's information

If you have registered a domain on the platform before, you can choose a domain information template that you have used.

Or, you can click and create new information template, and fill in the domain holder's information truthfully

6、After agreeing and checking the terms of service, click buy now.

7、Select the payment method, click to pay immediately

After completing the payment, the domain is registered successfully

Description: domain belongs to instant product and cannot be booked. The registration will only be successful after the final payment is succeeded. Please settle the payment as soon as you place the order.

Real-name authentication

After successful registration, we need to submit the same information as the domain registration for review. After the review, the domain can be used normally. Please refer to the method of submitting information of domain authentication for details.