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Thank you for choosing VIP. Law ("VIP. Law" for short), the domain registration management platform of EJEE Group. Providing the domain registration service.

This agreement is a valid contract entered into between VIP.law and you for the use of domain name registration related services. You accept this service agreement through clicking confirmation on the web page or by other means, or actually use the VIP.law domain registration service, all which means that you have reached an agreement with VIP.law and agreed to accept all the agreed contents of this service agreement.

Before accepting this agreement, please be sure to carefully read and fully understand the terms. If you have any questions about the terms of this agreement, please consult through the contact information published by VIP. Law, which will explain the terms to you. If you do not agree with any content of this service agreement or cannot accurately understand the interpretation of terms by VIP.law, please do not follow up.

1.Definition and interpretation

1.1 The "you" in this agreement means all the subjects (including but not limited to individuals, teams, companies, organizations, etc.) using the VIP. Law registration service, or the "users".

1.2 "Domain registration" means the acquisition of the right to use and ownership of an unregistered domain by paying a fee.

2.Scope of validity and application of the agreement

2.1 This agreement become effective immediately upon user's confirmation of this agreement. If the user does not click to confirm this agreement, but has already using the VIP. Law domain registration service or performing this agreement, this agreement shall come into force upon the first occurrence of the user's actual acts.

2.2 The agreement shall include the text of this agreement and all rules, specifications, notices and announcements relating to the domain registration service of VIP.law that have been issued or may be published by VIP.law ("rules"). All rules shall be an integral part of this agreement and shall have the same legal effect as the text of this agreement.

3.Registration rules

3.1 On the basis of your full reading and agreement of this agreement, you further commit to abide by the regulations of the national domain authority, the domain registration authority (ICANN), and the solutions to domain disputes. After changes or modifications, new registrations and dispute resolution procedures continue to apply to domains owned by users.

3.2 You must ensure that the information registered on VIP.law has authenticity, legality and validity. No impersonation of another person, no use the name of another person to publish any information, and no malicious use of a registered account to cause other users to misunderstand; If such situation occurs, VIP. Law shall have the right to immediately stop providing services and withdraw the VIP. Law domain account and all responsibilities arising therefrom shall be borne by the relevant users

3.3 The domain validity period starts from the registration to the confirmed successful registration period, during which the domain related services provided by VIP.law can be selected

4.User rights and obligations

4.1 You understand and agree that it is up to the registrar to decide whether or not to grant your domain, when and how it will be granted;

4.2 You understand and agree that VIP.law will require you to submit the supporting documents according to the domain management authority. You should provide the existing, accurate and complete information about domain registration, including but not limited to the relevant information reserved by Whois, and promise that the submitted proof documents are true, complete, valid and updated in real time. If you fail to comply with the above requirements or the submitted documents do not meet the relevant requirements of the domain management authority, you are deemed to be in breach of this rule. In the event that the domain registration is unsuccessful, cancelled, lost, or registered by another person, you are solely responsible. VIP.law will not refund the paid amount;

4.3 You understand and agree that: the domain registration shall be conducted in strict accordance with the registration process of VIP. Law. Any registration method that fails to follow the registration process of VIP;

4.4 Once the domain registration is submitted, you are committed to complying with the current and future amended policies, methods, regulations and national laws and regulations on domain registration and dispute resolution;

4.5 You understand and guarantee that the registered domain does not infringe the legal rights of VIP. Law or any third party (including but not limited to the trademark rights and domain name rights of others). If the registered domain infringes the rights of VIP. Law or any third party, you shall be held liable fully;

4.6 You understand and agree that you have the right to obtain an invoice from VIP.law upon successful registration of the domain name;

4.7 You understand and agree that you have the right to download the domain certificate on the domain management page after successfully registering the domain in VIP.law;

4.8 You understand and agree that the success of domain registration is determined by factors such as the domain itself and the submission time. VIP. Law only handles the relevant procedures, and makes no guarantee for the successful registration of the domain name. Before the registration is confirmed, the user is not allowed to claim the ownership of the domain, nor is registered successfully or failed. After submitting the domain registration, you should take the initiative to search the status of the domain in the Whois database on the website of the regulatory agency;

4.9 After successful registration, you can keep the domain on VIP. Law or transfer it to other domain registrants you specify, but it must comply with the relevant provisions of the domain management authority and VIP. Law;

4.10 You understand and agree that: if you use unauthorized information template for domain registration, after the domain registered successfully, you need to authenticated according to the competent department instructions. If the above situations lead to suspension or termination of service, cancellation the domain or losing the domain ownership and so on, VIP.law as a domain registrar will not bear any responsibility; If you are using temporary template provided by VIP.law for domain registration, after registered successfully, and if you want to modify the domain DNS, parsing, etc., you should operate after transferring your domain to your own templates. If there is any legal dispute occurs at the domain involved with temporary template, this website is not responsible for, also does not assume any legal liability;

4.11 You understand and agree to pay fully to VIP. Law on time for all fees, if you do not pay in full or provide the domain registration documents required and qualified within the regular time, you will be regarded as giving up the domain registered, and undertake all the responsibilities arising therefrom at the same time (including but not limited to the cancellation of the domain registration by the domain registration management authority);

4.12 You understand and agree that the domain registration is not refundable unless it is not approved by the registrar;

4.13 You understand and agree that: VIP. Law service period only for the two parties have determined to purchase fixed number of years, if you want to continue to own this domain after the expiration and the relevant services of VIP.law, you should renew before the expiration of the time limit, or written authorization of VIP. Law renewal, authorized VIP.law renewal need to ensure that your account has enough renewal balance according to the charged standard published by VIP.law, referring to “the terms of VIP.law domain renewal service”. If you do not operate as above, VIP.law shall deem as unauthorize VIP.law renewal and shall cease service on the expiration of the service term and shall have the right to delete the domain. Domain will enter the redemption period from the date of deletion. During the redemption period, if you need to keep the domain, you can pay the fee to VIP. Law to redeem the domain (the redemption fee is subject to the published charged price of VIP. Law), but VIP. Law does not guarantee the successful redemption. If the domain fails to be redeemed, VIP. Law does not charge the redemption fee of this domain, and VIP. Law does not have any legal liability. If it is not redeemed during the redemption period, VIP.law has the right to handle or dispose of the domain;

4.14 You understand and guarantee that the registered domain will be suspended, deleted or cancelled under the following circumstances, and VIP.law shall not assume any responsibility:

4.14.1 Does not comply with any regulations of ICANN's norms or policies;

4.14.2 To correct the operational errors of the registrar or the registration operation authority without violating the rules of ICANN;

4.14.3 To resolve domain disputes;

4.15 You understand and guarantee that the registered domain will not be used to spread unwanted E-mails, advertisements and other SPAM. If any violation is found, VIP.law has the right to operate such as suspension;

4.16 You understand and agree that the complimentary service (including privacy protection, template transfer, domain parsing, etc.) provided by VIP.law is an extra discount and shall not raise any objection to the complimentary service. Your use of the given service must comply with national laws, administrative rules and regulations, social public morality and computers and the Internet industry norms, VIP. law shall have the right to determine whether your use of complimentary service behavior of the above has constituted a violation according to their own careful judgment, and decide whether to continue to provide you with the services. All content of the complimentary services shall be subject to the validity of this agreement;

4.17 You agree and understand that you shall not use the VIP. Law domain registration service to make, upload, copy, publish, disseminate or reprint the following contents. If you violate the following contents, VIP.law reserves the right to trace legal liability and economic compensation to you:

4.17.1 Opposing the fundamental principles established by the constitution;

4.17.2 Harming national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power and undermining national unity;

4.17.3 Harming national honor and interests;

4.17.4 Inciting ethnic hatred or discrimination and undermining ethnic unity;

4.17.5 Those who undermine the state's religious policies and promote heresies and feudal superstitions;

4.17.6 Those who spread rumors, disturb social order and undermine social stability;

4.17.7 Distributing obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or instigating a crime;

4.17.8 Insulting or slandering others or infringing upon their lawful rights and interests;

4.17.9 Information containing other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations

4.18 You understand and agree that: VIP.law recommends content to you that you may be interested in, including but not limited to advertising and service messages to you;

5.The rights and obligations for VIP.law

VIP. Law registers the domain, submits the required documents and help to pay the relevant fees for you. VIP. Law does not guarantee the successful registration of your domain by any express or implied means;

5.2 The domain registration VIP.law submitted for you is based on the registered situation and the query result on the domain database of domain management authority at that time, but no conflict in querying does not mean successful registration of this domain;

5.3 VIP. Law shall not be liable for any dispute arising from the registration of your domain and any of the following situations:

5.3.1 When submitting domain registration online, the domain is registered by someone else;

5.3.2 Domains are registered because of problems with telecommunication lines and equipment;

5.3.3 Due to unknown information, your domain may be rejected by the domain registrar, and causing the domain registered by someone else;

5.3.4 Please be sure to fill in the correct information, as incorrect information may cause ownership disputes and problems;

5.3.5 Failing to submit registration in strict accordance with the instructions, or for non-standard filling, leading to registering by others or delaying registration;

5.3.6 Failing to submit the domain registration documents within the specified time limit;

5.3.7 Failure or delay in registration due to system failures or operational failures of the domain registration authority;

5.3.8 Your domain registration is unsuccessful due to unpredictable or uncontrollable factors of VIP. Law;

5.3.9 All responsibilities arising from the cancellation of domain registration service that due to policy changes, technology and other reasons;

5.3.10 By the reason of your submission of domain registration was changed by the domain registration authority or others;

5.4 VIP. Law reserves the right to enter your information into databases and publications accessible to the public as required by the registration authority;

5.5 VIP.law has the right to use your information and use your data information for any lawful purpose, except in the following two cases:

5.5.1 Except you and any third party (including but not limited to your existing customers, etc.), you are not allowed, authorized or otherwise to support unsolicited mass advertising or dissemination of information by E-mail, phone, or fax;

5.5.2 Unless appropriate access is required for domain registration or modifications to existing registrations, data is not queried through a large, automated electronic process or sent to any registry or registrar system approved by the registration authority;

5.6 If you submit a domain for registration or use under any of the following circumstances, VIP.law has the right to refuse to register, delete or cancel:

5.6.1 The registration information submitted is not true, accurate, complete or not updated in time after the change;

5.6.2 Failing to pay corresponding fees according to regulations;

5.6.3 In violation of the terms of service, laws and regulations, and government policies;

5.6.4 It shall be cancelled in accordance with the decision, judgment or award of the domain administration authority, the court or the domain dispute resolution authority;

5.6.5 The registration and use of domains adversely affect the VIP. Law, the domain registration authority and related service providers;

You understand and agree that VIP. Law, domain registration authority and relevant service providers have the right to determine whether your behavior conforms to the above situation according to relevant rules;

5.7 If you exceed the prescribed period by operating renewal or authorizing VIP. Law renewal or VIP.law received the amount you submitted after that, VIP.law can still assist you to submit the registration to registration authority, but do not guarantee the successful renewal;

5.8 VIP.law, domain registration authority and relevant service providers have the right to freeze your domain in the case of dispute and do not guarantee the result of the domain dispute in any form;

5.9 You understand and agree that, on the day the domain expires, you are no longer the owner of the domain and at the same time loses control of the domain;

5.10 You understand and agree that, on the day the domain expires, VIP.law can choose to redirect this domain to any IP address, which can be a stay page for a fee or a commercial search engine;

5.11 You understand and agree: VIP.law will not and cannot verify whether such redirection infringes the lawful rights and interests of any registrant or any third party including you (including but not limited to intellectual property, privacy, and trademark rights);

5.12 You understand and agree that: VIP.law will not and cannot verify that the content displayed by the redirection is inappropriate, or violates any national and regional, provincial, federal, state or local rules, regulations or laws, or has damage to you, or third parties, or their reputation;

5.13 You understand and agree that the liability of VIP.law is limited to the timely suspension of redirection of the domain upon receipt of the relevant judicial decision, and VIP.law shall not be liable for direct or indirect losses caused by the redirection;

5.14 VIP.law reserves the right to change, suspend, restrict, terminate or revoke all or part of the service content of this domain registration agreement unilaterally at any time without any notice due to business development, and you shall bear this risk;

6.Cost and payment

6.1 You understand and agree to pay the fees to VIP.law in accordance with the published fee standard and payment time, and agree that the fee standard at the time of renewal shall apply to each renewal;

6.2 You understand and agree that VIP.law and ICANN have the right to be free from litigation in any dispute arising from the adjustment of fee standards. While accepting this term, you should pay the full amount of the domain registration to VIP.law, and the fees paid cannot be returned after the domain registration is successful;

6.3 You understand and agree that VIP.law shall not be liable to any person for the registration of your domain prior to the receipt of your payment and making payment to the domain authority;

6.4 You understand and agree that "VIP. Law receives your payment" means VIP. Law receives your postal remittance slip or bank wire transfer voucher or network payment voucher, etc." Making payment to the domain authority" means that the domain authority receives this payment;

6.5 You understand and agree that the failure to receive the VIP. Law's payment notice shall not be the reason and explanation for your non-payment or renewal on time;

6.6 If you are objectionable to the charge standard, the content of the service life and other fees and settlement issues provided by VIP.law, you should promptly inform in writing to VIP. Law. VIP. law will verify after receiving your notification, otherwise, it is deemed that you recognize the content of fee settlement provided by VIP.law. Both parties shall be in accordance with the content of fee settlement provided by VIP.law, to settle and pay for fee, etc;

7.The use, change, suspension and termination of the service

7.1 You understand and agree that, if the domain is transferred to other domain service providers other than VIP.law, the service obligation of VIP.law shall terminate;

7.2 You understand and agree that if both parties are willing to continue the cooperation after the effective service period, both parties agree to have s further discussion in the cooperation matters according to the new price and terms that will be valid at that time;

7.3 You understand and agree that if your required domain fails to be registered, except for the situation that the domain registration authority does not require return, VIP. Law will return the corresponding fees of the domain to your ID account, and VIP. Law shall not bear any other responsibilities;

7.4 You understand and agree that any delay or loss caused by network failure or server failure shall not be the responsibility of VIP. Law;

7.5 The service period of VIP. Law will be terminated in advance, under the following situation:

7.5.1 The two parties agree to change it through consultation

7.5.2 Other contracts signed by both parties are otherwise agreed

7.5.3 If the domain is transferred to other domain service providers that is not VIP. Law domain service

7.5.4 In case of violation of this provision, legal provisions or the regulations or policies of the domain administration organization, etc., VIP.law will terminate the service in accordance with the decision or information made by the regulations or relevant authority

7.5.5 The domain management authority terminates the service or notifies the VIP. Law to terminate the service.

7.5.6 VIP.law terminates the service in accordance with the decision of the court and the arbitration agency

7.5.7 Obtaining domain registration by means of fraud, concealment or by illegal means

7.5.8 Failing to pay the fees on time

7.5.9 The subject qualification of a party does not exist or die out

8.Force majeure and other exemptions

8.1VIP. Law hereby expressly disclaims any warranty express or implied that regarding the service of VIP. Law, including but not limited to the applicability, absence of error or omission, continuity, security, accuracy, reliability, and applicability to a particular purpose

8.2 You understand and agree that during the use of the service, the service may be interrupted due to risk factors such as force majeure. Force majeure refers to unforeseeable, insurmountable and unavoidable objective events that have a significant impact on one or both parties, including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, epidemics and storms, as well as social events such as wars, disturbances and government actions. In the case of the above situation, VIP. Law will try to cooperate with relevant units in the first time and make timely repair, but the loss caused to you by this shall be exempted from liability within the scope permitted by law

8.3 To the extent permitted by law, VIP. Law shall not be liable to you or any third party for service interruption or obstruction caused by the following circumstances:

8.3.1 Damage by computer viruses, trojans, or other malicious programs or hackers

8.3.2 Faulty computer software, systems, hardware and communication lines in users or VIP.law

8.3.3 Improper user operation

8.3.4 Users use the service in the way that is not authorized by VIP.law

8.3.5 Other situations which VIP.law cannot control or reasonably foresee

8.4 You understand and agree that in the process of using the service, you may encounter risks brought by network information or other user behaviors, VIP. Law shall not be liable for the authenticity, applicability and legality of any information, nor the damages caused to you by infringement. These risks include but are not limited to:

8.4.1 Information that contains threatening, defamatory, or illegal content that is anonymous or pseudonymous;

8.4.2 Any psychological, physical injury or economic loss caused or likely caused by misdirection, deception or other actions by others as a result of the use of the services hereunder

8.4.3 Other risks arising from network information or user behavior

8.5 You understand and agree that this domain registration agreement is not designed for specific purposes, including but not limited to nuclear facilities, military uses, medical facilities, communications and other important areas. VIP. law shall not be liable for casualties, property damage and environmental damage caused by the failure of the above operations due to software or services

8.6 VIP. Law has the right to deal with illegal or illegal contents in accordance with this agreement. This right does not constitute the obligation or commitment of VIP. Law, and VIP. Law cannot guarantee timely discovery of illegal behaviors or corresponding treatment

8.7 Under no circumstances should you be credulous about borrowing money, asking for passwords or other network information involving property; If property operation is involved, please check the identity of the other party first, and pay attention to VIP

9.Jurisdiction and application of law

9.1 This agreement is signed in Haidian District, Beijing, People's Republic of China

9.2 This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the mainland of the People's Republic of China. If it is in the absence of relevant legal provisions, should refer to the general international domain industry practices

9.3 Any dispute between you and VIP. Law shall first be settled through friendly consultation. If there is no agreement can be reached through negotiation, you agree to submit the dispute to the people's court who has jurisdiction at the place where this agreement is signed

9.4 The headings of all terms hereof are for convenience only and have no actual meaning and shall not be used as the basis for interpretation of the meaning hereof

9.5 Whatever the terms of this agreement are invalid in part or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms shall remain valid and binding upon both parties