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What's a premium domain?

Premium domains, also known as platinum domains, which are high-quality and high-priced domains. According to ICANN rules, the registrar can keep for a certain period of time after open registration.

According to the policy of national registration authority in different country, different premium domains registration and purchasing method are also different. Many of them are short - character domains, and most of premium domains are very valuable. From the perspective of investment, premium domains are a kind of domain with great potential of appreciation, not only for the market value, but also the specific premium domains are memorable.

How to buy a premium domain?

The registration of premium domains is the same as that of ordinary domains, you can directly search and register through the domain registration page. However, the registration price of the premium domain will be higher than the normal domain registration price, please refer to the results of the query.

How much is the renewal price of premium domain?

The renewal price of premium domain, please refer to the results of the query