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Domain real name authentication method

The domain authentication includes the domain naming audit (refers to the domain will be determined by the national regulatory authority whether to contain characters that the policy does not allow for registration) and the domain holder information real-name authentication.

According to the regulation of "China Internet network domain administration", applicants for domain registration should submit authentic, accurate and complete domain registration information.

Method 1: After the domain registration is successful, submit the real name system data by oneself for authentication.

1、Enter the Personal Management Center - click Domain Management in the left navigation bar, and click the domain that waiting for authentication in the domain name list > submit information

2、Fill in real name authentication information, click to submit

Method 2: Doing the authentication of registration information template first, in the domain registration process to select the authenticated information template. After successful registration, the system will automatically submit the real name system data for authentication.

1、go to the personal management center, click the information template in the left navigation bar > waiting for authenticating

2、Fill in real name authentication information, click to save

Domain fast real name authentication process

The domain may encounter problems in the process of submitting the authentication of real name (such as failure in auditing, problems in uploading pictures, various information errors in uploading process, etc.). You can follow these steps to speed up the process of real name authentication.

Go to the Personal Management Center, click the Information Template in the left navigation bar, confirms the existence of the authenticated information template.

Click the domain name list in the left navigation bar, click Manage button that behind the corresponding domain

In the domain managing page, click to transfer domain

Select the authenticated information template, click to submit

Searching the real name authentication result and the failure reason

After you submit your domain authentication information, we will submit your information to the audit institution designated by the registration board for review. If your domain authentication fails, you can review the cause of the failure in the domain name list, fix the problem, and resubmit your domain authentication.